Seamless Technology

Seamless sportswear

Feminine and classy activewear has transformed the athleisure industry and is becoming the new standard. Fashion meets performance, ready-to-go styles to be worn in and outside of the gym. Especially seamless styles play a huge part in the current fashion trend. And we understand why! 

Out of all the activewear inventions, seamless gym wear has to be one we're most indebted to. The reason is the way it is manufactured compared to the "traditional" way where fabric is sewn together. Seamless styles are knit together in a circular fashion creating a one-piece style that's free from seams, zips and drawstrings. This results in maximum comfort, zero chafe and it gives you a smooth sleek look for a more flattering silhouette. Whether you are looking for compression, high waisted leggings, mesh detailing, super light weight fabrics, sweat wicking material, second skin feeling or maximum comfort...look nog further. Our selections of seamless tops and bottoms in fashion forward colors offer you a abundance of options. There is definitely a style that matches your demands. 

That is why seamless sportswear is an essential in every fitgirl's wardrobe. So you can be flawlessly stylish without compensating on anything. 

Here are some more benefits:

- Super soft and second skin feeling. The polyamide materials used for our seamless styles are extremely soft and makes you forget that you are actually wearing something. 

- Eco-friendly and sustainably made. All our seamless wear is produced in EU in factories that use solar energy. The dying process of each garment is well controlled and water is being recycled. Seamless styles have less waste materials compared to cut-sew items. 

- Non chafing. Seamless sportswear is constructed in a way that reduces friction between your body and the material. This results in less irritation during your workout. 

-  Flexibility. Our seamless sportswear moves with your body and is super flexible. 

- Breathable and light-weight material. Built for working out, the light-weight and breathable material keeps you dry and cool during any intensive training. 

- Other advantages. Thermal and moisture regulation, temperature control, bioactivity, UV protection, softness, lightness, odour control and great resistance. 

Putting on the right exercise gear is beneficial to make working out more comfortable. Rather go out for a brunch, or pick up the kids from school? A good pair of seamless leggings and a nice top is sure to do the trick! We gave you all the reasons to choose REVIVE seamless sportswear.