Eco - Sustainability

Our philosophy

REVIVE engages to promote and sustain fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility in all the factories we work with. We work in close partnership with factories that are like minded and share our philosophy. The factories and suppliers that we choose to work with comply to our high-quality standards and are personally and frequently assessed. All the production facilities are also audited by independent inspectors and monitoring firms for safety, social and environmental compliance and production methods.

REVIVE tries her best to manage the use of chemicals and environmental impact in our supply chain. This covers: chemicals, waste, water use, energy use, greenhouse gasses and other air emissions. We are proud to work with socially and environmentally responsible suppliers throughout different countries, but mainly in the EU. This contributes to our vision of sustainability and minimizing our CO2 footprint. We meet regularly with these factories and suppliers to receive updates and to share best practices and ideas for future products and developments.

Environmentally friendly materials

REVIVE uses environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.
Our factories are constantly improving, developing and researching new techniques and methods based on sustainability and environmental conditions. These innovations and technologies offer us the ability to create new designs and ideas for our garments. Fiber innovations have a direct effect on our sportswear. For example: thermal and moisture regulation, temperature control, bioactivity, odor control, fast drying, anti-bacterial, UV protection, lightness, softness to name a few.

We mainly use solar powered plants; they recycle their water-use and circulate and re-use the heat coming from the machines. We always try to select materials that are eco or eco-friendly, recycled or sustainable. To reduce plastic waste, we have decided to not pack our garments in a plastic polybag. Instead, all are items will be packed personally in paper wrapping. We continuously push ourselves to “lead an examined life” and improve social and environmental conditions, so we can offer our customers the best possible sportswear.