About us

The exclusive collection of REVIVE is bursting with stylish, timeless and feminine designs.

REVIVE is committed to creating technically innovative designs suitable for the modern woman. We strive to inspire you to live, look and feel your best!

All our designs are made with an eye for detail and our high-quality garments perfectly compliment your active lifestyle. We don't chase trends, but we believe that we should embrace individuality and encourage everyone to be creative. This translates into a collection which feels not only luxurious but also looks amazing.

The durability of the materials used allows for our athleisure wear to withstand infinite wears and washings. Each item is made of specially selected high-quality materials to make sure you perform at your best. In addition to the immense support and breathability that are included, the athleisure wear is made to accentuate and shape every body type. Our signature light-weight material is so comfortable it feels like second. Designed for self-confident women, who not only appreciate high quality and unique designs but who also understand the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly production.

The expert knowledge of our factories contribute to our brand values, which include being eco-aware, producing sustainable clothing, and to ultimately be good and do good for both people and the environment. In conjunction with this, we mainly manufacture in EU locations to minimize our CO2 footprint. Our athleisure wear is the perfect partner for every work-out. We have put our clothing to the test in a variety of workouts such as yoga, pilates, running, boxing, fitness, cross-fit and cycling. The possibilities are endless.

For us, the form and function of each piece have to support our multi-tasking lifestyle. Whether it’s going from a school-run to the office or soccer practice to the gym, the modern woman's routine is changeable in nature. We have succeeded in meeting the demands for high-performance activewear while providing a high-fashion aesthetic to our athleisure wear, making them suitable for our hectic day-to-day lives. Beyond our ready-to-wear collections, we strive to cultivate a community of like-minded women who share our mantra – "In a world revolving around likes and approval, we are here to make a connection. Personal growth can be achieved by taking care of yourself first."

Sustainable and eco-friendly production
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REVIVE engages to promote and sustain fair labor practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility in all the factories we work with.
Our mission
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We work with local suppliers when sourcing our fabrics and accessories. We choose to use ECO or sustainable options if possible. Together we can make a difference!
Materials from - and productions in EU
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Benefits of producing locally (EU): Improved and personal QC, better labour circumstances and benefits, fair prices, fast deliveries, eye for detail, impeccable quality!
Social and Ethically produced
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At REVIVE we think PEOPLE ánd planet are important. That is why we work with partners who we know treat their workers and employees correctly and offer a good and healthy work environment. All our products are made FAIR!
Less plastic waste and use of FSC materials
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All our products are packed (and delivered to us) without unnecessary plastic (poly)bags or packagings. Our gift/shipping boxes, as well as our cards, stickers and hangtags are made of FSC/recycled paper/cardboard.
Less waste, all-in-1 packaging
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Waste is such a waste! We have developed a packaging that not only protects the garment, but is also a giftbox/shipping box. This high quality durable box can be reused in case an item need to be returned to us.
Perfect fit and maximum comfort
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Our garments are not only personally tested, but also by third parties in regards to fit, comfort, durability, color fastness and performance. That is why we can guarantee that all our products meet the high standards.
Internal and personal quality check
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Did you know that we check our production continuously? Before, during and after production. There are inspection all the time to make sure that everything is according to our high standard. Our last personal check is when we pack your order for shipment.
In-house Fulfillment
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We think you are important! That is why we pay a lot of love and personal attention to every order. All the fulfillment is done in house and we take personal care of every purchase. Every parcel is send to you with love.
Mix & Match
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Our timeless collections stand out because of it's versatility in color and design. We develop our collections in a way that each item can be mix & match easily.
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Your opinion and input is important to us. With your feedback we can develop, renew and/or improve our products. Because only when you listen, you will learn and grow!
Eye for detail
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Did you notice that most of our garments have our signature heartbeat detailing? An eye for detail is very important to us. We hold a very high standard when it comes to the finishing of our products.
All season products
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All the styles within each collection are timeless and non seasonal. We believe that you should enjoy wearing activewear year-round. We don't do season collections, but rather launch new collections whenever we feel like it ;-)
Worldwide shipping
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Our brand is too amazing to sell only in the Netherlands. That is why we ship to any country worldwide. Yayyy!